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Up2Date, founded in 2005, is a leading advertising company in the Delta region. It holds the largest number of advertising banners on local and inter-governorate roads, making it a key player in the field.

  • (+2) 0100-418-7418
  • (022) 308-5000
  • info@up2date-eg.com
  • 131 El Banafseg 5, 1st Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Discover Our Services

At UP2DATE, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From strategic planning to creative execution, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive results.

Navigating the dynamic landscape of the market requires profound insight At Up2Date we analyze markets thoroughly to reveal hidden opportunities

In the broad world of competition standing out requires strategic creativity Up2Date 8217 s innovative marketing strategies spotlight your brand

BLUEPRINTS FOR TRIUMPH Success demands precise strategic planning Up2Date crafts tailored marketing blueprints that weave potent tools into a step

DIARIES OF IMPACT Enter the world of digital storytelling through our immersive journals We craft captivating narratives that guide audiences

A SYMPHONY OF BRILLIANCE Unleash the symphony of brilliance with our digital magazines Immerse your audience in a world of

UNIQUE ONLINE EXPERIENCES Unlock immersive narratives and compelling content to inspire foster unwavering loyalty and deliver exceptional online experiences Across

ANALYSIS Harness data 8217 s potency with our social media analysis We explore the digital world for insights that shape

ELEVATE YOUR DIGITAL VISIBILITY Rise in digital presence with our SEO Our experts optimize for target audience discovery boosting rankings

PRECISION IN EVERY MOVE At Up2Date we believe in informed decisions Our SWOT analysis empowers your brand with a deep

PRECISION IN PERSONALIZATION Utilizing ZOHO CRM and MAILCHIMP our direct mail campaigns send personalized messages to engage your customers intimately

EMPOWERING AUTHENTIC ADVOCACY With the influence of key personalities we engage influential voices to become your brand advocates Our team

GATEWAY TO EXCELLENCE Board on a digital journey with our exceptional website designs We craft responsive user centric websites that

INNOVATING USER EXPERIENCES We offer a full range of app services from design to support Up2Date guides the entire process

MELODIES OF IMPACT Enchant your audience with the melodies of impact through our radio and TV ads We craft compelling

UNLEASHING OUTDOOR ENCHANTMENT Elevate reality with our outdoor advertising expertise Up2Date designs strategies that turn billboards and transit ads into

ARTISTRY IN EVERY STROKE Witness artistry in every stroke with our printing services We infuse life into your marketing collaterals

BUILDING LASTING CONNECTIONS Up2Date is your trusted partner in crafting compelling narratives building brand reputations and fostering meaningful connections to

UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES Elevate your brand with memorable event experiences Our dynamic services cover product launches experiential activations and the chance

PIONEERING BRAND NARRATIVES Our brand campaigns bring your vision to life narrating meaningful stories Creativity and strategy unite to captivate

ELEVATING YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCE Maximize the digital world with our dynamic ads Utilizing technology and data we launch targeted campaigns

MEDIA MASTERY Up2Date shines a spotlight on your brand through targeted media coverage and exclusive interviews with top TV personalities

RECORDS OF VISUAL BRILLIANCE Step into the realm of visual brilliance with our media production services From photography that captures

BRIDGING CULTURES At Up2Date we bridge cultures and languages with finesse Our expertise in both Arabic and English languages ensures

FORGING ICONIC IDENTITIES AT Up2Date we create vibrant brand identities that connect with your audience Our branding services reflect your

UNLEASH THE POWER OF GIFTING TO WIN HEARTS AND LOYALTY Spark excitement and engagement with our creative giveaway campaigns From

AN ENCHANTING BRAND EXPERIENCE Command attention at events and exhibitions with our captivating booth making and designing services Our expert

FUNDRAISING BREAKTHROUGHS With an established track record in fundraising across multiple non profit organizations we possess the expertise to effectively