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Up2Date, founded in 2005, is a leading advertising company in the Delta region. It holds the largest number of advertising banners on local and inter-governorate roads, making it a key player in the field.

  • (+2) 0100-418-7418
  • (022) 308-5000
  • info@up2date-eg.com
  • 131 El Banafseg 5, 1st Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Since its establishment the Egyptian House of Zakat and Charity EZCH has been a beacon of hope for those in"

Egyptian House of Zakat and Charity (EZCH)

Since its establishment, the Egyptian House of Zakat and Charity (EZCH) has been a beacon of hope for those in need, guided by the principles of compassion and solidarity. Founded with a legal personality under the oversight of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, EZCH aims to disburse Zakat funds in accordance with Shariah-prescribed channels, fostering a spirit of mutual support in society.

At UP2DATE, we had the privilege of collaborating with EZCH to amplify their impact and reach. Through our tailored services, including outdoor advertising, social media management, branding and stationery design, radio spots, and engaging giveaways, we helped EZCH connect with a wider audience and raise awareness about their noble cause. Together, we forged a path of compassion and generosity, making a positive difference in the lives of countless individuals.

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Client Feedback

"Working with UP2DATE was transformative for our organization. Their expertise in marketing and advertising helped us effectively raise awareness and engage with our community. Thanks to UP2DATE, we expanded our reach and received increased support."